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Definition of hump day in English:
hump day
Wednesday, regarded as the midpoint of a typical working week.
‘it’s hump day and perhaps the toughest day of the week for you’
‘Wednesday is hump day, Thursday is the unofficial beginning of the weekend’
‘If Wednesday is hump day in the working world, January is hump month in the NBA – the month when most teams get a definitive answer as to where their season is headed.’
‘The opening-night shindig at SAT on Wednesday, Oct. 23 is ideal for anyone looking to add a little extra hump in their hump day.’
‘Tuesdays are the worst, not Monday (so you’re not psyched for them), not Wednesday (hump day), not Thursday (sneaky after work drinks day) and not Friday (woohoo the weekend!).’
‘We’ll also offer strategy tips to get you over hump day.’
‘I figured it was hump day, so we all needed a nice pick-me-up, right?’‘It’s hump day – you’re allowed a little retail therapy.’
‘Here’s to a great Hump Day!’
‘I hope your Hump Day is treating you well!’
‘With All Hallow’s Eve falling on a Wednesday this year, party-goers won’t have trouble finding a hump day celebration to attend next week.’
you can’t quite see the weekend ahead just yet.’
‘Tomorrow is hump day.’
‘Well, we just got past hump day, and they haven’t bought a thing.’
‘In general, though, Hump Day is the worst day to post; interactions on Wednesday are 7.4% lower than average.’
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‘You know, usually when somebody brings up the fact that it’s “Hump Day,” I embarrass myself by morphing into an eighth grade boy who just has to remind everyone how perverse Wednesday’s nickname sounds.’
‘It’s Wednesday night, which means two things – hump day has come to an end and the music scene in Ballarat is about to come alive.’
‘Together, along with their fantastic touring band, they made this week’s hump day a wonderful one, and helped me go into work Thursday morning with a smile, though I was quite sore from all the dancing.’
‘My friend and I decided to woop it up a bit on “hump day” (Wednesday), in order to break up the work week.’

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