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The Hump

Hump (The Hump) is the name that the allied pilots gave during World War II to the eastern Himalayas over which flew between India and China to resupply the Flying Tigers and the Chinese government of Chiang Kai-shek .

It began to fly over La Joroba in April 1942 , when the Japanese took the Burma Road , 1945 , when the Ledo Road opened .

The flight over the Hump was very risky. The route led first through the foothills of the Himalayas and then through the mountains, through northern Burma and western China, an area where turbulence and a terrible weather were the order of the day. Transport planes took off from thirteen bases in northeastern India, landing 800 kilometers at any of the six airfields held by Chinese nationalists. Some crews made up to three daily flights.

The avionics team was taken to China through the Himalayas , by means of an aerial bridge baptized like the “Camel hump” (in allusion to the relief, that seemed the side view of the silhouette of a camel). In early May the Japanese captured three key points that cut the Highway. In order to maintain China’s uninterrupted supply of strategic material requested by the Kuomintang, US commanders agreed to organize an airlift. It was carried out by USAAF cargo planes and the Chinese aviation transportation section. Between 1942 and 1945 the Chinese received exactly 100 cargo planes from the United States: 77 C-47s and 23 C- 46s .

Between India , Burma , and China began to operate an airlift never seen before. In the West, the Hump began in India from a series of aerodromes distributed along the Indian Railroad , 1 and went over the Yongnan Mountains to Sichuan Province . When the air route was opened, it was for China a real “road of life.” The cargo transported reached 7000 tonnes per month. According to Chinese calculations, between May 1942 and September 1945, a total of 650,000 tons were transported, of which the Chinese took 75,000 (12% of the total). In addition, 33400 persons were taken in the air bridge in both directions. Hump Day Images for work are very famous these days.

Despite poor weather conditions and poor navigational resources (no navigators for all) Chinese and American pilots carried their cargo to Chengdu , Kunming , and other cities. The airlift lasted until the end of the war, although it became less essential when the Ledo Road was opened, and the capture of Rangoon allowed the reappearance of the Burma Road.

The flights were accompanied by heavy losses due to bad weather, equipment failures, and Japanese fighter attacks . In total, 468 American crews and 46 Chinese crews were shot down, totaling some 1,500 aviators. The monthly losses reached 50% of the planes that simultaneously flew in the route.

The Hump was the largest and most durable strategic airlift in the world. However, in 1948-49 he was outnumbered by the Berlin Air Bridge , organized by Lieutenant General William H. Tunner , who gained that position thanks to his experience as commander and organizer of the airlift over the Hump.

Hump Day Coffee imagesHump Day

Hump Day images

Hump Day Coffee

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